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The RBFF is organising its activities for 2016 and needs your help! The Foundation relies solely upon donations in order to operate and attain its primary objectives. One of its key objectives is Education. As such, funding is needed to support Ensaf Haider, to organise, teach and personally speak on the subject of Freedom of Expression. Every donation is significant and each serves as an instrumental contribution to the core objective of the RBFF which is Freedom of Expression – in the world and the media – for all global citizens.

Each person that defends the human rights of Raif, does so not only for themselves, but for all of humanity.

The Raif Badawi Foundation is a non-profit organisation, which will invest any income into the realisation of it’s objectives. As a non-governmental body, the Foundation will not accept more than 30% of it’s budget from a single government source in order to remain impartial and independent.

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The Raif Badawi Foundation for Freedom (RBFF) is the liberal Centre for Freedom of Speech in the Arab world. Its aim is to contribute to the realization of free Arab societies and countries in peaceful intellectual exchange and cultural interaction with the rest of the world. Fundamental is the awareness and achievement of universal human rights. Democracy with equal chances enables fair participation in political and social transformation. Acceptance of diversity in all its aspects is a pre-condition for peaceful co-existence.


The Raif Badawi Foundation for Freedom (RBFF) serves as a free platform enabling international dialogue as well as a resource centre providing academic research on legal and social topics concerning the Arab World. It informs on universal agreements, covenants and philosophies in the field of human rights and democracy on one hand as well as country-specific situations and developments on the other. It offers consultancy to governmental and non-governmental bodies, institutions and organizations.

RBFF educates and trains young people in free and open societies in matters of civil liberties and liberalism. It enhances the capabilities of professional and citizen journalists as well as bloggers and supports their work and working conditions. It considers freedom of speech and freedom of the press paramount, and plans to institute the annual Raif Badawi Media Award.

RBFF does focused research through workshops, conferences, seminars and symposia. It interconnects and interacts with state institutions and civil society organizations globally.


Non-Profit: RBFF is a non-profit organization, which will invest any income in the realization of its objectives.

Non-Governmental: RBFF is a non-governmental body, which will not accept more than 30% of its budget from a single government source in order to remain impartial and independent.

Focus: RBFF’s efforts lie mainly in the field of freedom of speech and freedom of the press in the Arab world. Central concern are human rights and open societies.

Non-Violence: RBFF encourages peaceful, non-violent public protests at all times, especially respecting local regulations.

Transparency: The transparency inherent in the management of its internal structure provides RBFF the credibility to encourage political entities and social organizations to do the same.

Respect and Diversity: Mutual respect and acceptance of diversity in all its manifestations are pre-conditions for peaceful co-existence and interaction. RBFF is gender-sensitive and is primarily concerned with the underprivileged and the less fortunate including children, the elderly and those with special needs.


The Head Office of RBFF is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The Foundation was founded in 2015 by Raif Badawi, Ensaf Haidar and Evelyne Abitbol.

The Chairperson is Ensaf Haidar. Evelyne Abitbol serves as Executive Director.

An International Board Of Directors overlooks the activities and ensures transparency in pursuing the objectives and managing the funds.

An Advisory Council recommends programs and guides research.


  • Research & Publications
  • Training on Human Rights, Open Societies and Liberalism (Workshops, Seminars)
  • Training on Journalism and Blogging (Workshops, Seminars)
  • Exchange and Enhancement of free societies in the Arab World (Conferences, Seminars)
  • The Raif Badawi Media Award



Translations undertaken and donated by Evelyne Abitbol, Pierre Rouve, Jasmine Heiss and Ensaf Haidar.

Fondation Logo designed and donated by Colin Davies

Website created, hosted and donated by Chris Giles, CGain Business Marketing


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