Mme. Ensaf Haidar – Author, Co-Founder, President. @miss9afi

Mme Évelyne Abitbol, Journaliste, Co-Founder, @EvelyneAbitbol


Avaaz Community

Michael De Dora – Policy Director of The Center For Enquiry

Zuhdi Jasser – Founder & President, American Islamic Forum For Democracy

Christoph Jumpelt  – Deutsche Welle

Chris Giles – Webmaster for the Foundation

Tom Gross – British writer and commentator

Maajid Nawaz – Quilliam Foundation, UK

Hillel Neuer – Executive Director, UN Watch

Peter Noorlander – CEO, Media Legal Defence Initiative

John Ralston Saul – President PEN International, Author & Essayist

Ani Zonnerweld – Muslims For progressive Values in America



Director : Dr. Elham Manea – Associate Professor University of Zurich

Co-director : Kacem El Ghazzali – Moroccan Writer, IHEU International Representatives at the UNHRC.


Hamed Abdel-Samad – Writer & Political Scientist

Khaled Abu Toameh – Palestine Journalist for The Jerusalem Post

Waleed Al Husseini – Palestinian Blogger

Daniel Baril – Journalist & Anthropologist, Board of the Humanist Association of Quebec (AHQ)

Publications: Joelle FissIndependent researcher, public policy and Human Rights consultant 

Maria Schneider –  Fondation Friedrich Naumann

Ann Harrison – Program Director, Writer in Prison Committee, PEN International

Arwa Othman – Former Culture Minister, Human & Civil Rights Activist, Yemen

Dr. Marc RaboyChair in Ethics & Media, McGill University

Moomen Sallam – Editor in Chief, Civil Egypt Movement

Alain Saulnier – University of Montreal, Master in Journalism and Visiting Professor, Director of Trente, the magazine of Professional Journalists in Quebec

Shahla Khan SalterDirector of Universalist Muslims

Elisabeth O’Casey – Head of International Humanist and Ethical Union, United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva Delegation

Mr. Fahad Al Fahad, Marketing Consultant and Human Rights activist

Ms. Rana Ahmed, Human Rights activist

Sascha FeuchertPEN Germany

Cat Lucas – English PEN

Constantin SchreiberJournalist for Arabic and German Television, editor of Raif Badawi’s book 1000 Lashes

Karima Bennoune – Special Rapporteur cultural law, Human Rights Council, United Nations, Professor of International Law at the University of California, Davis School of Law

Valentina Colombo – Professor, Italy, focusing on Democracy in the Middle East and North Africa, European Foundation for Democracy

Dr. Christopher Gohl, Weltethos Institute at the University of Tübingen and Ombudsman of the Germany’s Free Democratic Party
Mme Amel Grami – Lecturer at The faculty of Letters, Arts & Humanities, University of Manouba, Tunisia

Usama Hasan – Senior Researcher Quilliam Foundation, Taleb Al Muli, Enlightenment Group, Kuwait

Orit Kopel – CEO, Jimmy Wales Foundation for Freedom of Expression

Lawrence Krauss – Author, Professor of Physics, Founder of The School Of Earth and Space

 Maryam Namazie – Activist and Blogger

Ali A. Rizvi, Pakistani-Canadian writer, physician, and musician.

Nina H. Scholz – Writer and Political Scientist

Alexandra El Khazen, Reporters Without Borders

Heiko Heinisch – Historian, University of Vienna

Arwa Othman – former Culture Minister and a famous human and civil rights activist, Yemen


Representing Raif Badawi : M. Irwin Cotler, Member of Parliament for Mount Royal from 1999 to 2015. Actual director of the Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights


M. Julien D. Pelletier – Director General, Clinique Juripop

M. Alain M. Gaulin – Director of Legal Services, Avocats Juripop Inc.


M. Raif Badawi – Blogger, Honorary President. @raif_badawi

Desmond Tutu – Archbishop South Africa, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 1984

Salman Rushdie – Author

Jimmy Wales – Humanitarian Activist, Co-founder of Wikipedia

Peter Gabriel – Musician and Humanitarian Activist

Ricken Patel – Co-founder of Avaaz

Émile Proulx-Cloutier – Comedian, vidéo 30 vies, television program.

Mme Nabila Ben Youssef – Humourist


Dr Georg Lebiszczak – Humanist, Free-thinker & Writer