Samar Badawi has been arrested

Samar Badawi has been arrested

Posted: 12th January 2016 By: Evelyne Abitbol Category: News Comment: 0

Samar Badawi, Raif Badawi’s sister, activist for justice for Saudi women, was arrested and incarcerated in the same prison in which her brother, Raif Badawi, and her husband, Waleed Abulkair, also Raif Badawi’s lawyer, were previously imprisoned in Dharhan, Saudi Arabia. Saudi authorities have accused Samar of contributing to the @WaleedAbulkhair twitter account and also of posting a photo of Waleed taken from within the prison confines


Photo US Department of State.

Samar has been awarded for her courage by US first lady, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton, 2016 presidential candidate.

(Reference) Samar Badawi was in 2012 the recipient of an award from the International Women of Courage Awards for her battle for Women’s equality in Saudi Arabia. She received the distinction from the hands of two women’s most influential in the world, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. Waleed, her husband, and brother Raif are among the prisoners of conscience jailed by the Saudi regime.

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