Raif Badawi’s Ordeal

* * * * Raif Badawi is 33 today. Vigils marking the date were held on his behalf today in many nations outside Saudi Arabia’s embassies. There is no new news to report regarding the young writer’s condition. The absence of news is a heavy, ever-present reminder that Raif Badawi is always in imminent danger […]


By Dr Usama Hasan With the Name of God, All-Merciful, Most Merciful Reflections by Imam Usama Hasan, Head of Islamic Studies at Quilliam Foundation, in preparation for the Inspire Dialogue Foundation conference in Cambridge, Saturday 17th September 2016 There are many universal human rights: arguably, freedom is one of the basic ones, intertwined with life […]

Raif Badawi Matters

By Mark Aldrich – Who is Raif Badawi? Badawi is a writer from Saudi Arabia who started a blog entitled “Saudi Arabian Liberals,” then was arrested in 2012 and charged with “insulting Islam” and with apostasy for his writings. In Saudi Arabia and many countries, apostasy, the abandonment of a belief—in this case, belief in […]

“Raif Badawi in books” – thoughts about two books by and about Raif Badawi

By. CILuna27 – I want to share in this post some thoughts about two books which were published last year: Ensaf Haidar’s book: “Freiheit für Raif Badawi, die Liebe meines Lebens” (“Freedom for Raif Badawi, the love of my life”) and a collection of Raif Badawi’s blog posts “1000 Lashes because I say what I […]

One Year After He Was Flogged, Raif Badawi Remains a Prisoner

by Mark Aldrich One year ago today, a young writer was publicly whipped by his government for his writings. His words “insulted” his nation’s official religion, his government decreed. The worst part, of course, was that he published his words and that others in his nation read those words and even shared his opinions. Today […]