A list of Canadians who ran into trouble abroad in 2016

Diana Mehta / The Canadian Press – TORONTO – Every year a number of Canadians and permanent residents find themselves behind bars in foreign countries — 2016 was no exception. Some cases have been called unjust, others are in the process of being prosecuted and in a handful of cases, some detained Canadians were released […]


By Dr Usama Hasan With the Name of God, All-Merciful, Most Merciful Reflections by Imam Usama Hasan, Head of Islamic Studies at Quilliam Foundation, in preparation for the Inspire Dialogue Foundation conference in Cambridge, Saturday 17th September 2016 There are many universal human rights: arguably, freedom is one of the basic ones, intertwined with life […]

2016 Freedom Prize Awarded to Raif Badawi in European Parliament

Ensaf Haidar – author, co-founder of the Raif Badawi Foundation and the wife imprisoned human rights icon Raif Badawi – has today received Liberal International’s (LI) 2016 Prize for Freedom on behalf of her husband at a special ceremony in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. Receiving the award from Mr. Markus Loening, Germany’s former Federal Commissioner for Human Rights […]

Prize for Freedom/Prix pour la liberté 2016 – Liberal International

Will be present President of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) Group in the European Parliament, Mr. Guy Verhofstadt MEP, who is also the former Prime Minister of Belgium. En présence de nombreux dignitaires dont le président de l’Alliance des Libéraux et Démocrates d’Europe, ancien Premier ministre de la Belgique, Mr. Guy Verhofstadt […]

Raif Badawi Holme award 2016

Every year, the first of December I/Göteborgs Handels- and Sjöfartstidning, gives a price to a person who have, with great personal risk, in action stood up for the values that we call civilized. The price is called the Holme award and is presented annually, on December 1st, commemorating the anniversary of the day Rosa Parks by […]