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The Moon For Raif BadawiFrom the moment  we took this picture, I haven’t stopped asking myself how to go further to get the moon for Raif.
It was my last night with the kids in Sherbrooke (Quebec – Canada), before undertaking a journey of more than 10 days.


More than 10 days without them. Without sharing their daily life with them. I can then imagine what Raif’s life is. He has not see the children for over 3 years. He is deprived of their presence in everyday life. Deprived of seeing them grow. Deprived of hearing them laugh, cry. Deprived of seeing them flourish in the country that welcomed us.

It is always very difficult for me to leave the children. Part of me remains in Sherbrooke with them.

The day after this photo, I told myself that yes, I would get the moon for Raif if I could. But how? It seems so far away. Even so at that moment and that night the moon was closest to the earth.

Ensaf sur son départMonday, September 28, I was flying again to undertake a journey that would take me in Germany and then in Austria and Switzerland for the launch of my book written in collaboration with Andrea C. Hoffmann.Jaquette de livre

I knew the journey would be long, so far away from the children. I was apprehensive. Although I call them everyday, I think about them every time I stop for a moment to meet people about the book or Raif.

Whenever I travel in Europe, I am surprised to see all the support for Raif. Quebecers, Canadians support Raif. That, I can see it every day. I’m surprised European support has been raised by the injustice experienced to my husband.

And every time I return from a trip from the United States or from Europe, I am convinced that Raif will be released in the coming days. I am sure, it will not be long according to all the support he gets from citizens, parliamentarians, journalists, the media in general. All are certain that Saudi Arabia can’t keep in captivity my husband anymore because he is defending specifically Human Rights. Someone has to read this extract of his book to the Saudi authorities, now head of the panel of the Council of Human Rights to the UN.

Raif carries his country in his heart, as evidenced by this excerpt from his book, itself taken from his blog, 1000 lashes – Because I say what I think

59267A71-8B70-4DEC-B0CF-99432C2800C7Page 56 – In the chapter devoted to the national holiday of the country, entitled ‘The homeland is the most sacred shrines good of all’, my husband wrote:

“The word nation is an important term that does know the value and meaning than those who show total abnegation to her because they know it is sacred as to be paramount. Those offer to defend him, their soul, their property and their descendants. Happy birthday, my country, and happy birthday to you, son and daughters of my country. ”

I will write you soon my impressions of the journey and share some pictures about the meetings and the wonderful people I met.


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